Millennial Jeremy Winters has recently amped up his sex life by exploring his kink of exhibitionism. “My girlfriend Melinda moved in with me, so we were taking our relationship to the next level already,” Winters explains. When Melinda brought along her tabby cat, Jinx, things started heating up in the bedroom as well.

“She brought this cat along, and at first I was annoyed. Jinx is always sleeping in our bed or meowing at us for food. It was a big change. But one day Melinda and I were going at it hard and the noise woke Jinx up. When he looked at us bewildered and watched for a while, I got an incredible rush.” Winters was hooked: “I started suggesting that we bang each other in unusual places in the house, such as next to Jinx’s food bowl or litter box.”

Exhibitionism typically describes thrill seeking semi-public sexual acts, or being watched by other parties while engaging in sexual gratification. “It’s never stated anywhere that those parties have to be human,” Winters explains emphatically. “This is totally different than bestiality.”

But why not find a desperate individual on a crummy dating app to partake? Winters feels that he’s “not some freak” who needs a third person in the room. “Frankly, I find that offensive. Melinda is enough for me. I don’t want anyone besides her. I guess you can call me a romantic,” he blushed. “I’m not going to be a total weirdo and invite strangers from the internet into my girlfriend and I’s private life,” he continued, “It’s more like if I’m clapping cheeks and Jinx just happens to wander in, well… why stop?”

“It’s more like Jinx is a trusted friend that both Melinda and I are comfortable around,” says Winters. “Pets see people bone all the time. It’s a part of domestic life, and I just happen to have the good sense to embrace it. If you think about it, it’s kind of hot. Just admit it.”

Winters’ favorite line of dirty talk is “God, I love your pussy,” which he claims gets used during every poundtown session because “it’s versatile and inclusive.”


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