I am Bunny.

Bunny ouch. Bunny want play outside with Bunny friend. Mom stay inside keep Bunny and friend safe. Bunny settle upstairs couch with Dad keep safe.

Bunny think why Oozma Kappa no think rules apply to Oozma Kappa, hmm? Bunny think why Social Chair Connor take temperature at door for play. Connor study public health, hmm? Bunny think Connor settle upstairs to get off academic probation and study for MCAT instead. 

Bunny also see Evan play on Snapchat private story. Why Evan think Bunny not care, hmm? Bunny screenshot and tell friend. Bunny and Bunny friend think Evan stupid for play and for posting play. Bunny also remember Evan post virus statistic on Instagram today. Bunny think Evan settle upstairs to rethink personal brand image instead.

Bunny also tell Emma love-you, but Bunny think Emma should stop hooking up with Spencer in Oozma Kappa because Spencer go play yesterday. Spencer think Bunny not see but Bunny also see Spencer play with Chi Omega girls yesterday. Bunny think Emma settle home and download Hinge instead. 

Bunny think Oozma Kappa play after pandemic, but not now. Bunny hope Oozma Kappa listen for rest of semester. Bunny excited to play and get scritches from friends soon. 

Bunny love-you.

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