BERKELEY, Calif. In yet another win for women everywhere, freshman Camila Reefs has just sold her third ‘NWT Vintage Y2K Jade Gua Sha’ on Depop!

The girlboss has been hustling to make ends meet this entire semester. “I joined panhellenic this semester, which meant that I needed to budget for an additional $3k of sorority dues this semester on top of my daily Caffe Strada oat milk latte and Mezzo chef’s salad. It’s been rough, but spending hours at Salvation Army every week to find things to upsell has been a really rewarding experience, and I’m glad that I’m encouraging folks to shop secondhand. Finding that gua sha was just good karma, I guess,” Reefs said.

Her big, Cami Jade, spoke up in agreement in the sorority’s recent Instagram post. 

“Camila is the definition of a scrappy, badass girlboss. I didn’t even know what a gua sha was until I saw her post a tutorial on TikTok with her Depop link; I’m so proud of her for educating the younger audience and using her platform to bring other ethnic traditions to light. She has really been through so much, being from Thousand Oaks and all, and the girls in this house are humbled by her every single day. Also, I want to take this time to remind everyone to #SupportSmallBusinesses like Camila’s. It can really change their lives,” she said.

Currently, Camila is on the hunt for the newest ethnic beauty tool to colonize with clear eyes and a full heart.

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