BERKELEY, Calif. – Fellow Cal bear and Berkeley Haasshole Sasha Arnold has recently discovered NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens, for you sheeple) and publicly announced on her Instagram story that she will be taking a leave of absence to fully devote her energy into “entrepreneurship.”

“Oh, you want to know more about NFT’s?” former Haas student Sasha Arnold asked. “Yeah, they’re this up-and-coming, super low-key, niche thing that’s happening in the blockchain community. Yeah, you probably haven’t heard about it, like, it’s really up-and-coming, still in its early stages, if you know you know, but I really just see it as a long-term investment. Oh, wait, sorry, so rude of me not to ask, do you want a high-level explanation of what blockchain is?”

Despite Berkeley’s engineering and business schools consistently topping national rankings by many measures, Arnold insisted that her ventures are “actually quite unconventional and untapped in the space and still a work-in-progress, but when the market takes off, everyone that ever doubted me will be going mental about it.”

Those that currently doubt her seem to agree.

Arman Gill, treasurer for Blockchain at Berkeley, remarked, “Yeah, Sasha Arnold? I’ll definitely be going mental about her once the market takes off. 100%. The only reason I’m not doing the same thing right now is because I’m a fucking pussy. I definitely have no idea what I’m doing right now, and I’ll be so late into the game once the market takes off. It’s honestly a travesty.”

Currently, Sasha is working on a new, unannounced, presumably mind-breaking Blockchain project while the rest of the Berkeley student body waits and continues to live their quaint little lives.

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