I Wrote This Article to Give You a Break From Jokes About Spotify Wrapped

I know what you’re expecting: that this article about not making a joke about Spotify wrapped is just going to be a long winded way of making a joke about Spotify wrapped. But worry not, dear reader, I am not here to torment you. I am here to give you respite, a blanket and a cup of tea. I am here to say: welcome to a safe space. A haven, if you will, away from the constant and seemingly never ending barrage of funny silly tweets about Spotify wrapped.

Ugly Students Protest the Tearing Down of Evans Hall in Solidarity

The protest lasted several hours, and included speeches made by prominent members of the club. The president, amidst roaring cheers from the crowd, made a speech outlining CUCK’s distaste with the university’s decision to tear down Evans Hall. In a dramatic conclusion, he began a lively chant, “Get up! Get down! There’s an ugly movement in this town!” The chant soon caught on, but became muddled as it made its way through the crowd. Dozens of protesters sympathetic to the cause could be heard yelling “Get down! Get down! There’s an ugly member of this crowd!”