Tragic! This Mayfly Will Live Its Entire Life on a Monday

“There are fates worse than death, and this is one of them,” explained entomologist and mayfly welfare enthusiast Garfield Garfield, who hasn’t experienced death yet and seems to lack the credentials necessary to make this bold claim. “I wish I could help the little guy out, I really do, but I am afraid there is nothing to be done. Perhaps with a bit of effort and the right environmental conditions, the mayfly will make it to Tuesday morning, but at what cost? Forced to endure the living Hell that is the first day of the work week…to have its soul slowly but effectively crushed by the relentless gears of corporate capitalism? And all of this just to lick the unwashed taint of a slightly-less-shitty day? It’s probably best to just squish the poor thing right now and relieve it of its misery.”