BERKELEY, Calif. — On Monday, Cal third year Brian Biggs received the highly-esteemed “World’s Smartest Man” award for his early graduation date and 130 credit hours as a junior. In winning this award, Biggs dethroned the previous recipient for four consecutive years, Stanford graduate Lee Lund, who won the award for getting into Stanford.

Biggs was crowned aboard an AC Transit line after his show of pure, unfettered intellect: “I actually have a lot of AP credits from high school, so I’ll be graduating this semester,” he explained to fellow Cal student Anita Brayek. “Wow,” said Brayek in response, eyes glazed over in admiration. After hearing such impressive phrases like “dual-enrollment in high school” and “senior status in CalCentral,” Brayek decided that she had enough information. “You’re, like, so smart,” she said, officially making Biggs the new World’s Smartest Man.

While a well-deserved victory and recognition of Biggs’ gargantuan achievements, the title isn’t an effortless one to bear — without continually letting all of his peers know his unit count and test scores, Biggs might risk losing his award.

“My score on the recent CS 61A exam? Yeah, it was 2 SD,” Biggs shared, unprompted, to the Trader Joe’s cashier checking out his groceries. “That’s above average. Wayyy above, actually. Everyone else’s [score] isn’t even close. Kind of like my score on the SAT.”

When reached for comment about her experience in the presence of the World’s Smartest Man, the Trader Joe’s employee responded, “Who?”  

At press time, Biggs’ recent accomplishments of being invited to a Berkeley Consulting case interview and holding people’s attention for more than five minutes have again placed him well ahead of Lee Lund in the runnings for this year’s title.

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