Caffe Strada, the home for sorority girls and old men that seemingly never have work… ever. While most people think they know everything about Strada, they don’t. So we here at The Free Peach decided to put together 30 little-known facts about everyone’s favorite coffee shop.

  1. Strada was founded in 1989 by UC Berkeley Alumnus Daryl Ross
  2. Caffe Strada has held a spot on the “Top 10 College Cafés in the U.S.” for multiple years.
  3. FDR delivered his famous line, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” on the steps of Caffe Strada while his audience waited for the 51b.
  4. Caffe Strada regularly serves 48 Nobel Laureates.
  5. Strada means “local coffee empire,” in Italian.
  6. Caffe Strada has exactly 52 tables— each one representing a rare species found only in Tasmania.
  7. Gordon Ramsay, at the tender age of 6, decided he wanted to be a chef after drinking a Strada Bianca for here.
  8. In 1989, the Berlin Wall came tumbling down immediately after Gorbachev witnessed the emotional opening of Romania and Caffe Strada.
  9.  While attending UC Berkeley, basketball star and FIJI brother Troy Bolton consumed over 160 americanos per year.
  10. Caffe Strada has housed the work of many acclaimed artists, such as Sabine Mackey, and Pablo Picasso.
  11. Tito, the communist leader of Yugoslavia was inspired to break ties with Stalin, after witnessing Caffe Strada end its partnership with cafe Milano.
  12. In 2004, George Bush and Al Gore flipped a coin while waiting in Strada’s line to decide who would be president.
  13. Actor Will Ferrell met his wife, Viveca Paulin, while dumping brown sugar into his latte for her at Caffe Strada.
  14. The City of New Orleans’ architecture was influenced by the structural design of Caffe Strada.
  15. By 2030, a compostable cup at Strada will cost $3.95.
  16. Caffe Strada record time for making an iced latte is .03 seconds.
  17. Caffe Strada Paleo muffins are far from Paleo.
  18. Karl Marx, in referencing the utopia to come, was alluding to Caffe Strada.
  19. Caffe Strada owns 45% of shops across the US.
  20. Caffe Strada sits directly above one of the globes’ largest untapped oil reserves.
  21. Caffe Strada has two f’s in “caffe” because it was named before the invention of spell check.
  22. If Caffe Strada were a country, it would have the 13th highest GDP just after Russia.
  23. Your mom is currently applying to work at Caffe Strada.
  24. Charles Manson requested a Strada apple cloud for his last meal while on death row.
  25. Caffe Strada does not plan to ever serve oat milk.
  26. Lyndon B. Johnson drank a Strada Cappuccino while finalizing the details of how to fake the US moon landing.
  27. If you bring a bike or laptop within two miles of Caffe Strada there is a 97.5% chance they will be stolen.
  28. Caffe Strada attempted to start a clothing line, but was taken to court after mistakenly using the name “Prada.”
  29. Caffe Strada wall’s were used as the original MLB Hall of fame.
  30. Strada is going to be torn down and turned into a Starbucks in March 2019.


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