BERKELEY, Calif. – Jaws and pencils hit the floor today when GSI Daniel Leaver dropped an f-bomb in front of his students, signaling far and wide that yeah, he’s pretty effing chill.

“I didn’t even know he was allowed to do that,” shared Minnie Vee, one of the lucky students in his section. “He was so intimidating before because we didn’t know anything about his personality. But now? His cursing told us everything: he’s just a down-to-earth, classic, relatable guy. He said he thinks our professor is ‘fucking crazy’ for giving us such a hard midterm. We think he’s crazy too!! Who knew Daniel just gets us like that!”

Bo Ruscher, another student in Leaver’s section, was also floored by these recent events.

“I just never realized how chill Daniel was. I no longer see him as the authority figure who holds the power of my grades in his hands, but as the cool, relatable guy he has always been. Like, he has a water bottle and sometimes drinks water from it. He has a laptop that’s not always at full battery, and when it gets low, he needs a charger. When it rained a week ago, he came into class wearing a rain jacket, just like all of us. Daniel is really just a man of the people. He’s a salt of the earth type of guy.”

Ruscher kept going.

“Daniel probably loves watching crazy documentaries like I do, and listening to the Beatles. He probably loves having dessert after dinner, and calls his parents once a week. Woah – Daniel’s parents. I wonder what they’d be like? His Mom is probably named Deborah – I mean, she would so be a Deborah. She makes the best peach cobbler – it always reminds Daniel of that slow, peaceful transition of summer to fall, when the air starts to get just a little bit more crisp. Deborah likes listening to Prince when she makes dinner, and Jeff, Daniel’s dad, comes in to dance with her whenever ‘Kiss’ comes on. They’ve been married for 38 years, can you believe it? Jeff owns an auto shop but has never made Daniel feel pressured into taking over the family business. He’s just proud that his son is doing what he loves. The two of them have talked about selling the family house and downsizing to a condo, but there are such happy memories in that home – it’s where their little boy grew up, after all. Besides, what about the future grandkids? They’ll need space to run around. And Daniel’s childhood bedroom is still untouched – to this day they always swell with pride when they see his display of trophies and ribbons won throughout high school (Daniel did swim team and debate and was obviously the best at both). Seriously, what a guy.”

When asked to comment, Daniel Leaver just smiled and put on some sunglasses that look awesome on him. God, he’s chill.

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