QUIZ: Should You Go Out Tonight or Should You Question the Meaning of Human Existence Alone in Your Room Like a Sad Little Loser?

Happy Friday! Woo hoo! Finally, after a long, hard week, you can let loose. Tonight is all about having a good time. Like those people you overheard earlier talking about some ‘big party.’ That sounds fun! Maybe you should go? It could be awesome. But it could also be super lame. Maybe text your friends to see what they think? And when you text them, maybe take a second to then scroll through various story posts so that you can see a bunch of people you know pregaming for something and having a ton of fun? Maybe then take a second to think about how cool they look and then wonder about all of the places they might be going that you weren’t invited to? Like, what if they’re going to the ‘big party’? What if you miss out and it’s actually the coolest party ever? You check your phone to see if your friends have texted you back. They haven’t. That’s fine! That’s actually super cool and awesome and something you are totally cool with because you are cool and chill. You’re actually the chillest person there ever was who also happens to be cool and awesome. So. That’s cool. It’s super cool but now you have no idea what you should do tonight. Don’t worry: just take this quiz to find out.

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