I just want to start out by recognizing that nobody is perfect. Some people, like myself, were brought into this world with taste and an appreciation for good art. However, there are (apparently) still many individuals who exist in our world lacking this trait, and therefore, I honorably claim it my responsibility as a member of society to cleanse the global community of basic garbage and highlight the underground cultural works of art that I discovered on my own. 

Yes, I am talking about all the “Spotify Wrapped” atrocities I was plagued with on Instagram.

Frankly, I am disappointed with the amount of people with washed-up artists like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Billie Eilish in their “Top Artists” of 2019. While I am a #feminist and love seeing women represented in high rankings in the music industry, it is still inexcusable for my “friends” to be consistently listening to this basic-pop-trash. We have the Grammy’s to glorify these mainstream artists, thus making it our responsibility to recognize more underground artists like Tyler, the Creator and BROCKHAMPTON. Like really? Ariana Grande? Taylor Swift? What is this, 2015?? It’s 2019 now: pop music is cancelled. 

The aspect of this whole Spotify disaster that enrages me so much is the fact that I know there is so much good music out there that people are ignoring. Sometimes I feel so isolated because my taste in music is so unique and non-mainstream, but they do say it’s lonely at the top. I wouldn’t describe my music taste as “quirky” but more “off-beat” in a good way. You would never find a common, mainstream musician in my Spotify Wrapped because I take the time to explore new artists and genres, because I can actually appreciate culture. 

Take this post as a wake-up-call to all of you basics with Drake, Ariana Grande, The Chainsmokers, Halsey, Billie Eilish, and every other Grammy-winning artist in your Top Artists of the Year. I will insert a screenshot of my top artists of the year below hopefully as a saving grace for your insanity and poor taste. Even though you probably have never heard of these artists, it is my civic duty as a white, female teenager from Los Angeles to expose society to art and culture that is unique and different. Again, nobody is perfect, but you could all stand to be a little bit better.

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