Okay, so it’s week three, and by now you’ve definitely spotted the L&S Hotties in your Dwinelle lecture hall. It can be very hard to flirt while some “professor” is clicking through “slides” and giving a “lecture,” but fear not! In a hall with ample distraction and ample competition, it’s important to stay grounded. Follow this guide and you can find a study more-than-buddy before the first midterm.


Mark Your Territory:

In a lecture hall of over 100 students, you’ve got your work cut out for you in defending your scholarly sweetums for courtship. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at a sea of empty seats or a forward-facing jungle of your peers, you hop, skip, jump, and climb to sit next to them. Not only does this give every other single in class the visual cue that you’re on the hunt, it also gets your special someone in close enough range to be susceptible to your delicious pheromones. 

Play the Long Game:

There’s no need to get hot and bothered for anything other than your rushed walk to class. You’ll be in class with your lecture lover for several hours every week for the rest of the semester. You can afford to take things slowly and treasure the little victories each day. If you play your cards right, you can get consensual eye contact and a terse “hey” by day three! Plus, it’ll give you an actual reason to go to class: you can’t get steamy on WebCast, after all.

Keep Things Interesting:

By now, you should be able to maintain a slow and steady pace with your Class Crush. You’ve shown that you’re reliable, dependent, and persistent, but let’s be real: when has that ever worked in getting you laid? The last portion of this guide is dedicated to breaking the routine and exposing that fun side that makes you look so sexy. 

Did the professor give an example that you already know? Pivot over, give them your best pout, and say: “I don’t get it…” in your best baby voice. 

Feeling the heat during an attendance poll? Take out the batteries in your iClicker and ask them if they have an extra!

There are endless options to keep your Pass/No-Pass Person on their toes. You’re already in an upper division class at The Number One Public University In The World, your potential other half knows you’re smart; it’s okay to switch things up and show off your silly side!


Now that you’ve gotten some basic tips and tricks down, ;et’s look at an ideal conversation scenario between you and your BA beau across a couple days:

Day 1:

YOU: Hi, is this seat taken?


Day 2:

*Sit in the seat next to them [remember to mark your territory!]*



Day 3:

YOU: Hi!

THEM: Hey.

Day 4:

*Silence again [keep them guessing.]*

Day 5:

YOU: *Drops pencil [very important: do not pick it up yourself!]*

THEM: You dropped your pencil.

YOU: Oh? Silly me! I must have knocked it aside while I was having so much fun. I am so clumsy!


YOU: Like SO clumsy!

Day 12:

*Sit somewhere else [see if they miss you!]*

Day 13:

YOU: Did you miss me?

THEM: What?

Day 36:

YOU: Hey, I don’t understand ANYTHING in this class. 

THEM: That sucks.

YOU: Do you want to study for the midterm together? Here’s my number!


This is just one possible scenario that might blossom if you follow this guide closely. Remember to stick to the three principles outlined above and you’re set for success. College love stories don’t write themselves, and if you’re not going to write those notes, then you have no choice but to start that first chapter!


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