BERKELEY, Calif. – Following a contentious vote, the totalled tallies on Friday evening signified a shocking victory for reform-advocates on campus; in an overwhelming 65% margin, students voted to strip Oski of his constitutional power to veto the ASUC Senate. 

The referendum, included in the 2023 elections form, comprised of the following:

“Please indicate below your preference (APPROVE/DENY) on the following policy. 

The Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC), lead in a proposal drafted by the office of Senator Binks, suggests canceling Article 1 Section 3 of the ASUC Constitution, wherein it is enumerated that ‘Oski, the Mascot and Sacred Keeper of the Campanile, is vested with the power to invalidate any legislation enacted by the ASUC Senate.’ Instead, we intend to include a new section: ‘Oski will be restricted to non-legislative duties as the head of state, rather than head of government. As such, Oski shall retain his functions of foreign relations and diplomacy (e.g. his appointment as ambassador to Diablo Valley College).”

Following the implementation of the amendment, Oski’s spokeswoman, Ursula Pronto, released a statement on Oski’s behalf regarding the reform.

“The shifty, shifty ASUC Senate has quite simply pushed through a stolen, no good, very bad law. I mean, we all know those votes are fake, folks. I am the most popular mascot in the history of mascots – sleepy Stanford Tree has pushed through completely corrupt ASUC Senators. It’s a conspiracy!”

In response, the ASUC has formed a Bear Oversight, Legislation, and Litigation of Oski Committee of the Senate (BOLLOCS) to seek legal action against the defamation. Outgoing President Chaka Tellem released the following comment regarding the investigation:

“It doesn’t matter how powerful you are, there are repercussions for undermining the ASUC election process. Specifically, either Oski bears responsibility, or we bare the depths of his ursine depravity.”

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