The Magic School Bus first aired in 1994 with the popular episode “Gets Lost in Space”. While advertised under the premise of educational entertainment, the only thing it taught our generation was fear and depression.

On September 10, 1994 life as we know it changed forever. The beloved television show The Magic School Bus made its debut as it aired a seemingly light-hearted episode where Miss Frizzle takes her class on a field trip through outer space. The class visits all of the planets, which at the time, included Pluto. Honestly, no one cares whether or not Pluto is really a planet.

When the gang reaches Pluto, Arnold (one of the students) throws a temper tantrum and REMOVES HIS HELMET FROM HIS SPACE SUIT AND DIES. Yes, you read that right. HE DIED RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES.

This moment was not only shocking to the rest of Miss Frizzle’s class, but to the American public as well. I think about this a lot, and it definitely affects my mental health. My third-grade teacher Ms. Curtain showed us this episode on the last day of class before winter break, and I will never forget that moment. Young adults and teenagers across the world are living with this past trauma of watching Arnold die. We cared about him. We loved him. And the world took him away from us. His head also literally turns to ice and it’s not cute.



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