Okay, so I’ll say it. I’ve been at Cal for four years now, and to be honest?

I don’t know where the hell Li Ka Shing is, and I couldn’t care less?

Yep. To put it out into the open, I have no idea where this place is. In fact, I’ve strategically avoided asking where Li Ka Shing was for like, the entire time I’ve been on campus since 2015. FSM cafe? Been there. Moffitt? Been there. Li Ka Shing? Might as well be in Albany.

I really think that the emphasis on knowing more than two libraries on campus is ridiculous. I studied for R1A in my Unit 2 APR–and guess what? I’m writing my thesis in the Unit 2 study space also. Consistency is key.

Honestly, does Li Ka Shing even exist or is it just another thing that STEM majors use to complain about their lives. “Oh I have to walk to Li Ka Shing” Yah, yah, yah and I have to walk from Piedmont to Boalt, so yah it’s basically the same.

And you know what? I’m HAPPY with my study spots. You think I mind the RA monitoring the hallway outside the Unit 2 APR, effectively preventing me from JUULing during my drafting process? Well, guess what? I don’t.

Honestly, I don’t even care where any of the STEM buildings are. I don’t even know their names. Yesterday someone told me they were going to Gianini hall? Is that a north side pizza restaurant or what? I don’t know and I don’t care.

Seriously stop asking, I don’t care. Like not at all. It’s not like I once got lost walking there and then ran to a class there and then walked in and everyone was laughing at me because I was 30 minutes late and covered in swear. That didn’t happen.




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