Spring is here! After a long, wet winter, we’re sure you want nothing more than to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Here are 6 wonderful ways to take advantage of the beautiful, sunny weather now that it’s finally spri— oh, fuck.

Sorry, did you feel a little bit of drizzle? Shit. Wait, okay, I don’t think that was rain, actually. We can move on. Sorry. Here are 6 ways to enjoy the sunny weather now that it’s spring!

1.) Go on a hike! — Ah, the great outdoors! What better way to enjoy the warm sun and blue skies than by going on a hillside adventure? We recommend taking a— wait, no that’s definitely drizzle. Motherfucker. Do you have an umbrella? Shit. Okay, it’s not that bad, we can just finish this listicle and then go inside.

2.) Head to the beach! — It’s actually coming down kind of hard right now.

3.) Oh no, my laptop is in my backpack. I don’t have an umbrella on me right now.

4.) I’m wearing open-toed shoes right now. My toes are going to get wet.

5.) Okay, sorry, I have to go, we’ll pick this up later.

6.) I hate my fucking life.





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