Wow! Recent football scores show that UC Berkeley is 3-0, whatever that means. 

Here at The Free Peach, we have no sportswriters, so I’m kind of just doing guesswork when it comes to reporting on the football team.

I’m pretty sure that 3-0 means we’re winners, but so was everybody the last time I played sports at the 2006 Recreational T-ball Tournament. 

“UC Berkeley has won every game so far this season,” said head football coach Justin Wilcox in an exclusive interview. 

That sure sounds positive at face value, but I don’t know a lot about sports so I’m not going to officially endorse this statement. 

I  know that UC Berkeley has done poorly in football in the past, so this new trend of “winning” is confusing new territory for everybody on staff. 

It is possible that “winning” means we’re winning, but again, based on past data, this seems unlikely. Reports of “winning” are just opinions and I cannot verify winning as a fact. 

Again, I do think this is probably a good thing, but I cannot officially confirm or deny whether or not the UC Berkeley football team is doing well. I spent all of high school watching Glee instead of going to football games, so I’m simply not qualified to commentate.

Updates to come after I call my dad for more information! 

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