I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again- I don’t keep snap streaks with conservatives. 

I know what you’re thinking and yes, this is a bold claim. To exclude people from my social circle based on their politics? Isn’t that a bit harsh? On face value, it may seem so. But hear me out. As a young, budding, Berkeley liberal, it is my duty to kill those streaks. 

This is really the future of politics, I think. Snapchat is the app of our generation, so for me to reject someone on such a platform? There’s no better way for me to express myself.   

There is also some level of self-sacrifice in this too. My streaks are dwindling each day, even with my closest friends. And yet, I still choose to take a stand, to kill what may someday have been my last chance at a day steak. 

But some things are more important than popularity! Principles! Morals and values! And for me, keeping that streak? Even when I knew he was a conservative? It just couldn’t be done! 

So for all you out there like me, I urge you, take a stand! Fight for what you believe in! If you were a real liberal, you wouldn’t Snapchat him back! 

Also, he wasn’t even cute.

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