Sojourner Truth, Susan Anthony, Gloria Steinem, Oprah Winfrey, Emma Watson, Polly Parkinson. Oh? You don’t recognize the last name on that list of iconic and historic feminists? Well, that may be because Polly Parkinson, who prefers the nickname PP, is the newest leader for the inspiring sixteenth-wave feminist movement gaining traction in countries around the world. Women Against Daylight Savings Time (WADST) are fighting the patriarchy by exposing the inherently misogynistic nature of pushing our clocks back an hour every autumn. 

In an exclusive interview, I was able to investigate the claims being made by WADST.

REPORTER: Ms. Parkinson-

PP: Please, call me PP

REPORTER: Okay, PP I was wondering if you could explain exactly why daylight savings time is sexist. I think our readers would agree, this movement seems to be lacking a solid argument that the event discriminates against female, or female identifying, people. 

PP: Daylight savings time was created by Freud** in the 1400s*** to oppress women because he was trying to brainwash them to accept his theory of penis envy. 

REPORTER: Okay… do you think though that this movement may be drawing attention away from systems that actually hold women down? 

Ignoring this question, PP responded: I don’t understand why I am always an hour late to meetings and appointments now though. The patriarchy at work again trying to make us late to our empowerment, smh.* 

Author’s Note: She actually said s-m-h, to clarify. 

Visit WADST’s website here – 

**Not factually accurate 

***Not even when Freud was alive

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