I wake up to my parents standing above me. I blink a few times, rubbing my light blue orbs to get rid of my sleepiness. “Stop touching your eyes, (y/n),” my mom says, sounding more annoyed with me than usual. “That’s how you get coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19. We’re worried you might have gotten exposed, so you need to go into quarantine. We found some people who volunteered to quarantine with you. Come downstairs and meet them.”

I throw my boring brown hair into a messy bun and put on a hoodie and my leggings. I don’t need to wear anything nicer. Unlike other girls, I don’t particularly care to impress my new roommates. I throw on the white converse that I drew on and make sure to grab my favorite books (the entire Harry Potter series – NOT Twilight!) and five rolls of toilet paper before heading out the door. I get downstairs and gasp when I see who my roommates are. I am so shocked that I drop my toilet paper. A gloved British hand picks it up and hands it to me. “Here you go,” the voice says Britishly.

“(y/n), you’re going to be quarantining with One Direction.” My mom says. “Their tour bus is parked outside. You’ll be with them for the CDC recommended 14 days.” Harry Styles – I think that’s his name, anyway, I don’t really listen to 1D that much, I prefer The Arctic Monkeys – was the one who handed me the toilet paper. This is the story of how I quarantined with One Direction.

I settled into my new life on the One Direction tour bus pretty quickly! It’s already Day 10, and I honestly wish I had more time with the boys. Niall is so funny, we like to laugh and joke around with each other. He is like a brother to me. Zayn has also become a good friend, even though he is mysterious and brooding sometimes. He always knows the most updated statistics about the COVID-19 mortality rate. Liam and Louis are also nice. However, I’m definitely closest with Harry. Ever since he handed me that toilet paper back at my parents’ house I’ve felt like there was something between us. So, I decided to talk to him about my feelings.

“Hey, Harry, can I talk to you for a sec?” I state shyly. 

“Oh, hi (y/n),” Harry replies. “I was just playing my guitar. I’m writing a song. It goes, ‘COVID-19, we’re 19 and we’re young forever, yeah..’ and then I haven’t come up with what happens next.” 

“Let’s step outside the van,” I boldly reply. “The shelter in place order says we can go outside for recreational activity.” Harry agrees (yay!) and we go outside. 

“What did you want to talk to me about, (y/n)?” Harry says. “I need to be honest with you, Harry.” I take my hair down so that my natural honey colored highlights catch in the sun. “I have feelings for you…romantically.”

Harry blinks exactly three times and then grins. “I like you too, (y/n).” I grin back at him and walk up to kiss him. He steps back dramatically. “Wait a second, (y/n).” He says cautiously. “We can’t do this….not now…not like this…” 

I cross my arms and frown. “Why not?” 

“Because…we have to socially distance…we have to remain apart. 6 feet apart at all times.” I frown. “But Harry…,” I say longingly, “I can’t fight this anymore.” 

Harry looks back at me sadly. “You also might not be able to fight coronavirus, as there are now increased fatalities amongst younger demographics. We really don’t know much about this disease.”

“That’s not fair!” I say. To which Harry replies, “Sometimes love isn’t fair…however, you shouldn’t blame me for America’s situation. Remember, Donald Trump fired the pandemic response team in 2018.” I wipe away one beautiful pearly tear with the sleeve of my hoodie. I hate that he’s right. “Ok, fine Harry. I’ll walk away.” I say as I begin to walk away.

“Hang on…(y/n), wait up.” He jogs after me. “Even though I know it’s irresponsible to violate social distancing orders for my own personal satisfaction, I really do want to kiss you.” I walk back towards him and he crushes his lips into mine. It’s great! We walk back inside the tour bus holding hands. Don’t worry though, my hand is covered by the sleeve of my hoodie so we’re not touching.

The next day, Zayn wakes me up and furrows his brow. “(y/n), we have to tell you something. It’s about your new boyfriend, Harry Styles…” Zayn says worriedly. “What’s up Zayn? Yeah, Harry and I are dating now, it’s pretty cool.” I say proudly. “No, you have to listen to me (y/n).” Zayn says seriously. “I think I should just show you myself.” 

Zayn leads me over to Harry’s area of the tour bus and I gasp at what I see. Harry is lying in bed with a dry cough, a fever, and shortness of breath. “I’m sorry (y/n),” Zayn says. “Harry just tested positive for COVID-19.” 

I gasp. “How did you get a test? There’s a shortage!” Zayn grins. “Well, you see, we’re famous and wealthy, so the shortage doesn’t apply to us.” Duh, I think to myself. Wealthy people have disproportionally high access to this kind of medical care.  

“(y/n), I’m sorry,” Harry coughs dryly. “All this time…I was an asymptomatic carrier.”

“It’s okay, Harry. This means we can continue quarantining together!” How romantic! I kiss Harry again. I kiss him long enough to take away some of the virus but quickly to be mindful of his shortness of breath. “Ew you guys! Get a room,” says Niall. We laugh. “No, really. You need to leave and quarantine,” frowns Zayn. I push Harry’s bed into our own quarantine room. All the furniture in there is kind of goth because I’m not like other girls. I picked it out myself on day 1.

“(y/n), I have to tell you something,” Harry hacks feverishly. “I love you.” I gasp and then cough, as I’ve started to show symptoms of the virus. “I love you too, Harry,” I retch cutely. THE END!

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