If you’re a freshman on campus, the meal plan that you were forced to buy likely includes flex dollars. You are probably wondering where on Earth you can spend this precious fake currency. Luckily, The Free Peach has compiled a list of the many convenient, delicious spots that will accept your flex dollars. Bon appétit.

1) The Free Speech Cafe, That Cute Place Outside Moffit, and Any of the Restaurants in MLK.Good news! Berkeley’s got your back. You can eat at any of these restaurants with flex dollars. After all, there’s no way the #1 Public University would have restaurants on campus that don’t accept flex dollars. C’mon, that would make even less sense than USC’s admissions.

2) Any Taco Bell that Doesn’t Serve AlcoholTaco Bell is integral to many college students’ diets. Berkeley understands this and has enabled students to use flex dollars at almost any Taco Bell in the world. However, due to Berkeley’s heavily enforced ban on underage drinking, the university decided to prohibit the use of flex dollars at any restaurant that serves alcohol. Fortunately, this shouldn’t impact you. What kind of Taco Bell would have beer on tap anyway?

3) Any restaurants in Los AngelesWhile flex dollars unfortunately aren’t accepted at any restaurants on Telegraph or Durant, they are accepted practically everywhere in Los Angeles. Cal Dining realized many Berkeley students frequently say they are from LA, and graciously decided to help these students by letting them use their flex dollars at local LA restaurants. Therefore, countless students should have no problem at all spending their flex dollars when they head back to their bonafide hometown of LA. Right?

4) Sublimotion – Ibiza, SpainThis high-end luxury restaurant in Spain costs approximately $2,380 per person. The dining experience includes 25 waiters per table, a laser light show, virtual reality elements and projection mapping. While the additional cost of the flight may not seem affordable, the ability to use flex dollars to help pay for the meal makes it much more economical.

5) El Burrito and Top/Bottom Dog (sort of)Even though La Burrita doesn’t take flex dollars, their arch nemesis El Burrito does. We recommend their el carne asado and quesadillos. Top/Bottom Dog regrettably only takes flex dollars during June in order to show allyship with the LGBT+ community. But hey, it’s better than nothing.

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