Quiz: How Many Exclamation Points Should You Add to the Email You’re Sending Your Professor So You Don’t Feel Guilty About Being a Woman?

It’s the classic scenario: you have a question to ask your professor that’s small. It’s harmless. It’s entirely inconsequential! So go and sit down at your desk, pull out your computer, and start typing up a quick little email. But— oh god— that’s what you’re saying?? No offense, you sound like a raging bitch. I hope this email finds you well. Like, excuse me? Tone it down a bit. Start on your second draft and dwell on the fact that nothing you’re typing actually makes any sense. You don’t forget to call your roommate, your other roommate, and your mom to proofread once you finish, but, of course, something will still nag at you. After all, how can you totally ensure your professor won’t be thrown off by the unfortunate fact that you’re not male? The answer is obvious: exclamation points!! But where to add them in? How many do you use? Take this quiz to find out! But also, like, no worries if you can’t! I’m so sorry if I’m bothering you and this is an inconvenient time! I could totally be wrong too!! Sorry!!!!!

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