BERKELEY, Calif.– On the 28th of February, thirsty students reported that Golden Bear Cafe was promoting a new drink. Billed as an ‘alcoholic, Berkeley-themed’ product to ‘quench your thirst for knowledge,’ the label read, ‘Marc Fisher’s Hard Lemonade.’ 


The label continued:



Traveling the slopes of Grizzly Peak and the rugged valleys of Strawberry Canyon, Marc Fisher has been searching for the most delectable lemons to create premium, top-shelf hard lemonade. 

With the spirit of adventure, and the spirit of distilled corn liquor mixed with lemon-juice concentrate, Marc Fisher’s Hard Lemonade is the only UC Berkeley-owned alcoholic beverage. Just as your college years are an era of transformation between adolescence and adulthood, Marc Fisher’s Hard Lemonade is the perfect transition from childlike lemonade to frat-row alcohol abuse. 

This bottle is our signature “California Gold” lemon flavor – but be on the lookout for our “Berkeley Blue” raspberry flavor! 

Note: 70% of all proceeds go to ASUC senators’ office pizza parties

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