1. V&A Café in Etcheverry 

This little café at the entrance of Etcheverry is always packed to the brim with students, and yet you know none of them. Hey, if it’s this popular, it probably offers the highest quality of drinks and food — that or it’s just the most convenient place for us caffeine addicts who need an unhealthy amount of stimulants just to stay awake in Math 16B discussion. 

2. Subway

Hands down the best sandwich place not just in Northside, but in all of Berkeley (excluding IB’s, Stuffed Inn, Ike’s, Cafe Panini, GBC sandwiches, and the PB&J sandwich you make for yourself at Crossroads because the other food being served for dinner is plain foul). There’s only, like, one seat, too, so you can guarantee that you only interact with the sandwich barista who’s waiting for his shift to end. 

3. Casa Zimbabwe

Actually, co-op food is pretty good. Also, Josh Hug drank water out of a bucket in the living room here once. Prof Hug is basically a friend, right?

4. Foothill Dining Hall 

This place looks like a ski resort! It has nice carpets, couches, and flat-screen TVs, not to mention the tall ceilings. The amenities, though, might be necessary to distract from the bland food and the depressing B- averages of the classes that Foothill engineers need to take despite ignoring everyone else at their table to cram for an E7 test they’re bound to bomb.

5. The Company Recruiting Info Sessions in Soda Hall

Go to Wozniak Lounge in Soda Hall around 5-6 pm on a random weekday and chances are a startup or medium-sized tech company will be giving away free food, t-shirts, and boba to lure starry-eyed computer science students into selling their souls and working for them. Walk up to a recruiter and say something about how machine learning, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs can create world peace and collect your well-deserved free Banh Mi or pizza slice. Maybe corporations ARE your friend!

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