BERKELEY, Calif. — In a recent publicity stunt, infamous Cal quarterback Chase Garbers, came searingly close to mimicking Cal football alum (’04) and Greenbay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but fell just inches short of the end zone – which apparently was a new feeling for him! 

“I just want to be like my man, my idol Aaron. No one never said it was mandatory, but it’s highly recommended to follow in your leader’s’ footsteps, and well, hear I am,” Garbers tweeted earlier today. 

In a series of tweets, Garbers came out as an anti-covid-tester – which he claims was a slight modification to Rogers being an anti-vaxxer, which he couldn’t be because “vaccines were mandatory and highly recommended but shouldn’t have been mandatory just very highly encouraged and never should have happened.” 

Like Rodgers, Garbers’ highly-cryptic public rant meandered through varying sequences of emotions and honestly, was a fucking rollercoaster to read. 

“We should be able to go out their and breathe phlegm into each others’ mouths, if we want to – but not mandatory and not even highly recommended, just recommended and mandatory – at our OWN discretion,” his Twitter rant continued. 

Fans have acknowledged the uncanny similarities between Garber and Rogers, but are upset with the lack of a full matchup. Although Rogers out passed and outscored Garbers on a scale of about 7:1 for the past three seasons, mere numbers don’t deter the legend from congratulating and relating to the young athlete. 

“I’m just proud that this kid felt he could speak his mind, cryptically and in complete gibberish-based fashion, like me,” Rogers said proudly about Garbers in a recent interview. “It runs in our blood – the Cal Bears – free speech, you know. I should be able to just be immunized in peace.” 

Photographs courtesy of Wikipedia and Cal Football. 

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