FULLERTON, Calif.— Fullerton resident Jeanine Woodrow recently repurposed her pesky yeast infection to create a sourdough starter during the statewide shelter in place mandate. 

“I had a yeast infection that just wouldn’t go away,” Woodrow said. “I planned on going to the pharmacy to get some medication, but then I was scrolling on instagram and got an even better idea!” 

“Everyone I’d ever met seemed to be baking their own bread. I realized that with my abundant supply of yeast, I too could get in on the trend!” Woodrow explained.

Woodrow quickly went to work with several q-tips, baking several loaves of sourdough in just one afternoon.

“I never realized that baking was my calling, but it seems like God had a plan for me!” Woodrow proclaimed. 

Woodrow’s live-in boyfriend, Andrew Shepard, had a slightly different stance.

“Between eating this bread and eating her out, I’m really feeling overloaded on yeast recently,” Shepard admitted. 

“I wish she would just make a quickbread, like banana bread or zucchini bread. Using her own yeast is getting to be a little much.”


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