Scandal alert? Check out these 6 crazy things this ASUC Senator did (you won’t believe number 4!).

  1. Eat an Apple

Unlike most politicians, ASUC Senator Crimson Cambell cannot solely survive off their blood-sucking parasitic abilities. They also need to consume healthy amounts of fiber, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. 

  1. Tell you that they are an ASUC senator

ASUC senators are a lot like vegans and Pokemon, mostly because their vocabulary almost entirely consists of telling you their name and that they are an ASUC senator. 

  1. Walk to Class

Only the ASUC president gets to be carried around in a palanquin. Crimson Cambell chooses to put their sweat, tears, and your blood, into their Berkeley experience. They beg you to remember this when they inevitably run for ASUC president next year. 

  1. Thought About Making Positive Change Across Campus

Being an ASUC senator is a lot of pressure, which is why ASUC senators report that they won’t be able to cause positive change unless they are elected ASUC President.

  1. Watch House of the Dragon for inspiration.

Chaka may occupy MLK, but perhaps Moffit is ripe for the taking?

  1. Forget one of their fellow senators’ names

What was it? Something that started with an A maybe?

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