Quiz: Is Your GSI Suddenly Hot or Did You Just Fail Your First Midterm?

With the ‘calm before the storm’ essence of September receding into a blissful past, the wrath of midterms descended upon our underslept student population. With this change of pace comes a plethora of confusing experiences. Should you sacrifice your physical and mental wellbeing knowing full well you’ll barely score over a 45%? What does ‘studying’ really mean, aside from sitting in Doe Library on Instagram? One conundrum in particular strikes a large portion of students during this special time: a sudden attraction to one’s Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) mysteriously coinciding with an abominable midterm performance. Could deep-seated kinks be at play? Who knows. As the resident expert on Delusioned Perceptions of Sexual Tension in Academia, I decided to create a simple quiz to help students unpack and reconcile this perplexing issue.

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