‘Self-Made’, My Ass: New Evidence Reveals God Was Born to Rich Parents

PEARLY GATES, Heaven—Notions that God created Himself, the Universe, and Everything In It were upended last Friday when an extensive audit of God’s finances revealed that He inherited the majority of His Kingdom from His ultra-wealthy parents.

“For a supposedly ‘self-made’ entity, God sure has a lot of trust funds,” explained IRS Agent Steven Matthews, who was in charge of the audit. “Except for Stonehenge, David Attenborough, my son’s fire R&B mixtape, and the state of Ohio, which are all in fact creations of God, God’s assets are gifts from His parents and thus fall under the purview of the estate tax. Consequently, we will be billing God for $175,000,000,000,000 USD, the oil fields of Afghanistan, and that really sick Pyrus Bakugan that my wife didn’t let me get from Target last Monday.”

Pope Francis Announces Beer is Now Jesus’ Blood and So Is Pink Whitney

“Miei cari amici, the Cardinals and I have deliberated, and have decided on a modernizing reform for communion. Whereas historically, we have considered only vinum to be sanguis Christi, we were forced to re-read the text for our R1A requirement, and we realize that really, ‘wine’ just referred to any alcoholic ferment – so we’re extending communion to include beer, and even Pink Whitney too.