Epsilon Eta is an environmentally focused fraternity here at UC Berkeley. With known hazing in social and business fraternities, it begs the question, what goes on at Epsilon Eta hazing events?

  1. Hugging a tree for 24 hours straight.
  2. Eating anything non-vegan, organic or grass-fed, including non-grass-fed grass
  3. Being forced to tape one’s own trash production for the day onto your excessively large Osprey Aether AG 70 backpack you usually carry around mason jars with.
  4. Being forced to wear pants with less than 5 pockets on them.
  5. Camping in the eucalyptus grove by Mulford for a night…without talking about climate change!
  6. Not being able to touch, look at, think about, know anyone thinking about, even think about thinking about a red solo cup for a week straight.
  7. Demanded to cite the 3 R’s while being spoon fed extra thick rolled oats out of a repurposed soda can.
  8. Getting a tattoo of ocean waves connecting into a tree and finishing with a bird flying.
  9. Forced to cover up their outdoor stickers on laptop and water bottle.
  10. Forced to go on a camping trip and not post a picture on social media about it explaining how important it is to stop feeding gluten to squirrels in Berkeley.
  11. No Birkenstocks for a semester.
  12. Participating in “Epsilon I Eta Slug”, which involves pledges eating a slug and then saying, “Epsilon I Eta Slug.”
  13. No wearing plaid on days that end in holes in our ozone. So, no plaid.
  14. Dumpster dive for items that weren’t recycled.
  15. Taking diligent notes on hemp paper with coal from a minimally impactful fire on your water usage for the week.
  16. Hide-And-Go-Seek Trash on campus.
  17. Not being able to drink water if you don’t sequester carbon to offset the balance.
  18. Forcing your dad to ride his bike to work 24 miles away to save fossil fuel emissions.
  19. Rub dirt with mycorrhizae in your ear holes, sustainably.
  20. Don’t wash your hands for a semester to offset toilet flush water.
  21. Shotgun a beer while riding a bike in a circle.
  22. Throw something recyclable into the trash and live with the guilt that they could’ve recycled it.


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