Potterheads rejoice! J.K. Rowling revealed in a Twitter thread last night that Hagrid, the beloved groundskeeper of Hogwarts in the globally-acclaimed Harry Potter series, is pro-Palestine.

“Rubeus Hagrid, the gameskeeper and subsequent Care of Magical Creatures professor at Hogwarts, staunchly supports Palestinian right of return,” said Rowling, in an unsolicited Twitter thread last night. “He believes that Palestinian refugees have a right to any intergenerational property in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, or the Golan Heights that was relinquished in the 1967 Palestinian exodus or earlier.”

Rowling’s statement sent shockwaves throughout the Harry Potter fandom as fans scrambled to make sense of this new revelation.

“If Hagrid was pro-Palestine this whole time, why didn’t he publicly reject the sovereignty of the state of Israel in any of the books or movies?” wrote Twitter user @snapes_whore. “He’s complicit.”

Rowling’s declaration that Hagrid is pro-Palestine comes directly on the heels of Saturday night’s revelation that Kreacher, the house-elf that served the House of Black, voted for Brexit.


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