If you missed this weekend’s raucous Saint Patrick’s Day festivities, rejoice: the new trendy drinking holiday among Cal students is Passover, coming up April 19-27. An age-old standard for Jews drinking to escape thousands of years of persecution, Passover is finally receiving the recognition it deserves. Joshua Mier (‘21), a member of the Berkeley Jewish community, gave his resounding support for this new celebration. “You know, we’re used to being marginalized, but I was still surprised that we were so underrated in the college drinking scene. It’s straight up prejudice,” explained Mier, “Like, you’re required to drink four glasses of wine at Passover seder, but no one ever gives us the credit for being able to black just as functionally as any other ethnic group!”

But marginalized no more, because nothing destroys anti-Semitism like free-flowing alcohol. In celebration of freedom from bondage in Egypt, Zete and Hillel are partnering for a “Slutz and Seder” party, complete with Manischewitz wine, an unending sense of paranoia, and matzoh available at the bar for those who go too hard. If you’re worried about drinking too much on this notoriously rowdy holiday, here’s an easy solution: put your fifth glass of wine on the doorstep for the prophet Elijah and leave it there to help limit yourself! And if you’re more of a stoner than a drinker, don’t fret: you can always pass(over) the blunt.


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