Last Monday was a rough day for Kelsey. She was grabbing a $6 chai latte from Yali’s while skipping her 10 a.m. when she got the news alert on her phone: the famous, awe-inspiring Notre Dame, one of the oldest churches in all of Europe, was on fire.

“I almost started crying right there in Stanley,” Kelsey told Tthe Free Peach. “Such a beautiful church, like an iconic viewpoint. It was so sad, I just couldn’t believe it”.

Kelsey knew she wanted to do something to show she cared. “I had all these photos from my family vacation to France last summer, have I told you about that? It was such a good trip, we went to Paris, I ate so much food,” Kelsey said animatedly, “so I just thought to myself, ‘now is a great time to post one of those, to like, show that I’ve been there and I know what everyone is going through. They’re such good photos of the church, and I look so cute in them too, I figured everyone should see them.”

“I wasn’t sure if I should post on my actual Instagram or, like, on my Instagram story,” Kelsey mused with a concerned look in her eye. “I ended up going with my story, cause I wanted to make a statement and all, but I didn’t wanna fuck up the aesthetic of my whole feed cause I’ve been working on that forever.”

Kelsey’s thoughtful and sympathetic post of herself posing in front of the Notre Dame was captioned “My heart is broken today!!” followed by the broken heart emoji. A profound statement, Kelsey! We’re sorry for your personal loss!

When asked about the burning of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem that occurred on the same day, Kelsey said: “sorry, the what?”


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