In a shocking and completely revolutionary turn, UC Berkeley fraternities Beta Mu Pi (ΒΜΠ), Sigma Epsilon Tau (ΣΕΤ) and Sigma Pike (ΣΠΚΕ) all decided to host a volleyball tournament to raise money for a philanthropic cause. Some houses decided to host it at the Clark Kerr volleyball courts, some filled their backyards with sand, and some played Wii volleyball.  

“We actually lost a lot of money doing this event,” claimed (ΒΜΠ) Philanthropy chair Trevor Blench, “the sand cost us like $7,000. It seems a little ridiculous in hindsight when there is a perfectly good beach volleyball court a few blocks away. But fuck it, now we have sand in our backyard how epic is that! So much beer die and Spikeball opportunity.”

When questioned as to why each fraternity decided to do a beach volleyball tournament for their philanthropy event, each responded with “It was an original idea that comes completely without any outside inspiration.”

Although there is an unproportional amount of philanthropic beach volleyball events at UC Berkeley, at the end of the day it is a great way to raise money for a charity while still trying to slam a volleyball in your rivals face.

You really can’t blame the fraternities for not coming up with any other fun idea to raise money.


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