Dear Diary, 

Did you know that medieval castles were impenetrable? That’s something I learned in class today. Knights who wanted to settle some sort of land dispute for their lords would basically just camp outside of a castle until they were on the verge of starvation. Then they’d leave, turn around, and do it again! I mean, how dumb can you be? Making the same silly mistakes over and over again without ever learning or changing. I would never do something so stupid.  

Anyway, today I texted Brad. Yes, we’re on a break again. Yes, it was his idea. Yes, he’s repeatedly posted photos of himself with other girls. That might make other people upset, or even jealous. But I’m not jealous by nature. I’m a Sagittarius. 

I can’t help but think of those dumb knights again. It’s really been ruining my day. My professor said that they kept their tactics because they didn’t know any better. He said they would have to restructure their entire society to do anything different. I didn’t really end up catching how or why, because I was too busy texting Brad. He said he might be down to hang out in a month or two. I just want him to take his time and do what’s best for him. I’m sure he’s really going to go and work on himself…this time. 

I’m sure if the knights had just tried, maybe looked within themselves, they could have figured out some sort of alternative to literally sitting outside a castle for months, wasting away, riding home with a trophy they knew they would never receive. That sounds exhausting. And I’m sure those feudal lords didn’t appreciate having to feed and listen to a platoon of knights cry and complain about their entirely avoidable experiences. 

Jen told me I was stupid to text Brad, and reminded me of all his quirky qualities. At least, I think they’re quirky. The word she used was toxic, which like…to each their own I guess! It’s unfortunate that she doesn’t know him like I do. She would know that one time, he remembered my birthday without receiving a single Facebook notification. I mean, who does that? 

I wish I could have more sympathy for the knights, but I don’t. They probably just didn’t know about self respect in medieval times. Good thing I know about it now!

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