BREAKING NEWS: As of February 11, 2020, Andrew Yang announced he will be suspending his presidential campaign. Yang ran an innovative campaign known for its distinct focus on  universal basic income, the effect of automation on the job market, and, of course, memes. As his campaign was unprecedented in many ways, our team of political analysts was extremely interested to learn what his political future entails.

We now have answers: in a recent press release, Yang announced that he was excited to be embarking on a road trip with fellow former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke. The Free Peach has acquired their itinerary:


  1. See the biggest rubber band ball located in Lauderhill, Florida. 
    1. Florida has always been a GREAT place for Democrats!
  2. Check out Beto’s favorite diners across Texas.
  3. Do an Instagram live together. <3 
  4. Drive to the California coastline and catch a sunset. Reflect on the meaning of friendship.
  5. Boys night in Vegas!
  6. Boys night in New York City!
  7. Boys night respectfully watching the next Democratic debate! Approach Bernie when he seems to be tired of talking to Tom Steyer.
  8. Washington D.C. monument tour.
    1. Briefly stop at the capitol to TP Ted Cruz’s senate office.
  9. Take TikTok by storm by successfully attempting the renegade dance in one take.
    1. Note from The Free Peach: we’ll believe it when we see it.
  10.  Go glamping.
  11.  Convince Beto to go back to his roots. Start a new punk band together. 
  12.  Confiscate an AK-47 as a bonding exercise. 
  13.  Meet and greet at the Nevada Caucus.
  14.  Launch a merch line.
  15.  Perfect secret handshake.
  16.  Play never have I ever en route to Yellowstone.
  17. See Old Faithful. Remind each other that they will always be the other’s Old Faithful. 

Yang, who at one point tweeted “I miss Beto,” expressed his excitement by tweeting a link to the “What’s better than this? Just guys bein’ dudes” Vine alongside the rest of the itinerary. 

Happy trails, Andrew and Beto!


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