After many uncomfortable months of seeking validation, an improv actor at the University of California, Berkeley named Katie Jones has proved her worth through making an appearance as an extra on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 12.

The actor’s improv team was quick to voice their support for their fellow improviser. 

Some overheard praise:


“I didn’t know her mom was a Real Housewife!”


“Yes AND she scooped up that opportunity!”


“I didn’t know that you could get cast in that show!”


“This will open so many doors for her. She may not have had any lines, but Katie is just SO authentic on camera.”


“She’s the next Andy Cohen.”


“I wish my mom was a housewife…”


“I know this sounds bad, but I am a WAY better improviser than Katie. She may be able to act, but I will ALWAYS have improv.”


“I heard she got accepted to Tisch after they saw her on the show.”


When asked for comment, Jones declined. Her agent told us at The Free Peach that they have to wait for the episode to be released before releasing any information. Way to go Katie!

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