ASUC Senator Milton Zerman resigned from the ASUC at their last senate meeting, February 19th, 2020. While his resignation will not be made official until the Judicial Council certifies it, Zerman is wasting no time transitioning into a new role: podcaster.


“The ASUC challenged my worldviews and values constantly with oppositional discourse, so I’m choosing to start a safe space, I mean, podcast, with Ben Shapiro,” Zerman announced. 


“We agree on almost everything, which means that our discourse will be instrumental in moving conversations forward and reaching places of greater understanding.” Zerman continued. 


Ben Shapiro, who enjoys debating college students who have just taken their first Introduction to Political Science course, seemed surprised at the news.


“I appreciate my fans, of course, but I never thought I’d have to share the spotlight with any of them,” Shapiro said. “I’m used to it just being me, my microphone, and my smug opinions.”


While Shapiro struggles with coming to terms with having to share hosting responsibilities, Zerman looks forward to testing their potential chemistry together. 


“This is a real opportunity to advance political discourse, much more so than being a part of the ASUC. There, I was constantly bullied and my policies were never supported. But in my own little world, I won’t have to worry about any of that.” Zerman said. 


Their podcast, “We Are Right” starts streaming on all platforms next week.


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