Student Awarded Regents Scholarship After Eating Slice of Artichoke’s Using Just One Plate

BERKELEY, Calif. — Peter Johnson has been awarded a Regents Scholarship after eating an entire  whopping, enormous, fat slice from Artichoke’s Pizza using only a singular plate. He recounted the life-changing experience.

“I’ve been eating at Artichoke’s for years. I’ve always questioned why they serve their slices on two plates. I know they’re big, but I’ve had a gut instinct for a while — actually, to be honest, I’ve had a gut instinct since the first time they ever served me — that I could manage to eat a slice using just one plate. As a Society and Environment Major in the College of Natural Resources, I’m always thinking of ways to help the environment. Eating a slice from Artichoke’s off of one paper plate would be a step towards saving the Earth. So I asked the manager if I could have my Margherita slice on one plate.”