Like many of the other quarantined Cal students, Christine Waters had spent many nights missing campus. She was handling the break-up pretty well for a while, until UCBWarnMe started hitting her up late at night.

“I’ve been trying to keep busy since online classes started. It was tough initially. I had to tell myself that it’s okay to be sad, and that I need to accept that in-person classes are over. I thought I was doing well, but then UCBWarnMe starts lighting my phone up. I hadn’t thought about UCB in weeks, but once they texted me I started to break down. All it took was this simple message: Berkeley Fire Department and police responding for a fire at People’s Park. AVOID THE AREA until further notice and out of nowhere, I became overwhelmed with nostalgia for those good-ole dangerous times. I started spiraling, thinking of the days when I used to twiddle with my neon-pink pepper spray while walking down frat row. My mind just jumped to those nights when I had to nervous-walk in a pack back to my apartment, surrounded by people who could collectively fend off a mugger. UCB sent me one text and my self-defense mechanisms completely shattered. I just broke down missing that glorious Berkeley atmosphere of danger. I don’t have Stockholm Syndrome, do I?”

When asked why it had been so challenging to get over UCB, Christine explained the struggles of fully mentally parting with UCB. 

“It is incredibly tough to get over someone like UCB. They always have been there for me. They always let me know when there is traffic or road closures. If someone is stealing laptops from Strada at gunpoint, they let me know to avoid the area. UCB really cared about my safety and wanted what was best for me. But, now since I’m back home in LA*, it just doesn’t make sense to stay with UCB anymore. Long-distance never works and isn’t practical.”

Luckily, time heals all wounds. Christine has recently rebounded with Wildfire. 

“Thank gosh I remembered about Wildfire. Wildfire is perfect for me. I’ve been spending hours during lectures texting them. They have been helping me forget about UCB and move on.”

At press time Christine was on the rebound with Wildfire. However, she is slightly concerned that Wildfire is basically just UCBWarnMe, and is questioning if she is handling her parting with UCB in a healthy way.

*Clarification of where Christine lives: Technically, she doesn’t live in LA. She lives pretty close to LA so she feels justified telling everyone she’s from LA. She doesn’t believe anyone would recognize the name of where she’s actually from, even though they probably would. The idea that if someone didn’t recognize the name they could just ask “Where’s that near?” has never crossed Christine’s mind. Christine also thinks LA is way cooler than where she’s actually from so she just says she’s from LA.


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