BERKELEY, Calif. — Several Cal students recently came to the revelation that Berkeley DeCals are, in fact, student-taught classes and not Berkeley-themed stickers.

“I was super excited to get a Cal Pokémon Academy DeCal to put on my water bottle when I found out it was actually a two-unit Pass/No Pass class,” lamented freshman Raphael Flynn. 

“Everything is so expensive on Durant and Telegraph, I was really hyped when I realized that I could pay for Berkeley DeCals with units,” stated sophomore Emily Woo. “My AP credits from high school aren’t getting me out of any prerequisites for my major and I thought some Berkeley-themed DeCals would look cute on my laptop. Then I found out that DeCals were classes, not stickers.”

While the fact that DeCals are classes may be news to many, a number of the DeCal facilitators are sick of hearing it.

“Do you know how many times I get emailed asking for pictures of what the Berkeley Kombucha DeCals look like?” asked a weary Wild and Fermented Foods facilitator Shane Pauker. “When will the underclassmen realize that I am here to teach them about the fermentation process, not to sell them Berkeley themed stickers of aged tea?”

At press time, a student was very confused as to what the Invisible People DeCal would look like, but they were excited to be getting such a creative sticker.

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