BERKELEY, Calif. – Many are calling UC Berkeley’s College of Natural Resources student Karly Mandel a hero after her comments about the importance of the recent rainfall in the Bay Area. Sources report that Mandel is currently enrolled in ESPM 15, Intro to Environmental Science, where she has become well versed in the enormously complex concepts at hand.

“I just think it’s really important that we listen to those who actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to climate change and drought,” began Mandel as she sipped her homemade kombucha through a reusable straw. “Like me for example, a college sophomore who goes on hikes sometimes.”

While some contrarians have argued that Mandel’s comments were no more unique than those of literally any other person who stepped into the rain this week and said the exact same thing, witnesses of her remarks have stepped up to explain that she really was coming from a scientific standpoint.

“See, what the common pleb tends not to understand is that sometimes Mommy Earth gets a lil thirsty,” explained classmate Parker Peter upon interview. “It takes a real scientific mind to get this shit. Karly is for real blessed. I mean, sure, my mom made a similar comment during our daily morning FaceTime, something about a drought and average yearly rainfall, but she’s not really qualified to speak on the subject, so I made sure to wait for confirmation from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.”

Karly’s roommate, Justine Clemens, added on, “I’m just so grateful that we have people like Karly at this school who are really willing to take risks, to speak up about important issues. I mean I just think it is so baby gorgeous of her to use her expertise for good, and to add to the essential and growing dialogue surrounding the water community.”

At press time, Karly did not pass her recent ESPM 15 midterm, and will be retaking the introductory course in the spring.

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