BERKELEY, Calif. — Cal students were in shock Tuesday morning after a new study revealed that the hit song “No Hands” was a tribute to Waka Flocka’s childhood memories. Sources say Flocka had an emotional attachment to his bicycle as a child and eventually learned how to ride it without the use of his hands. 

Berkeley Professor Hans Dulbars, the director of the study, was able to put together pieces of Flocka’s story using the lyrics in his song.

“The line, ‘look Ma, no hands’ was the initial indicator of Flocka’s success and loving relationship with his mother,” Dr. Dulbars noted. “In this line, he shows deep respect for the female figures in his life; it follows that his bicycle role model was a woman as well. Flocka’s first account of seeing anyone on a bike was when he saw his friend Kira Kikstund wheeling by in the street. He was utterly amazed, later stating, ‘Girl the way you’re movin’, got me in a trance’.”

Kikstund, now a professional rider and cowgirl, recounted her experience riding with Flocka as a child.

“Waka was always impressed by the way I did tricks and bounced on the bike,” Kikstund reminisced. “He was so sweet and even offered to pay me for lessons. I remember I was unsure about taking payment at first, but he insisted and said to me, ‘I’ma throw this money while you do it with no hands, leggo!’ Such a considerate boy. I made to sure to always take care of him and ensured he used protection—never ride a bike without a helmet!”

When asked to comment on his hit song and childhood, Flocka declined and stated he was too busy sipping Pink Moscato and popping wheelies.

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