QUIZ: Which Disney Princess Are You?

Welcome to the quiz which will reveal the true depths of your Disney Princess soul! But beware, the enchanted forest of Disney hides more than just singing animals and magical spells. It’s also a place where fortunes and fairy tales collide in a whirlwind of self-discovery and enlightenment. So, prepare to dive into a world where happily ever after comes with a side of reality. Let’s get started!

Report: The Hardest Part of Writing a Thesis is Not Telling Everyone You’re Writing One

When challenged on the flaws in Fournier’s analysis, psychology professor Ivor H. Tower, defended his student’s work with zeal.

“Ms. Turner’s own behavior demonstrates that the urge to share the details of one’s academic work, even in a negative light, is a universal human experience,” Tower retorted. “As someone with extensive experience in academia, I can confidently say that Fournier’s study is both insightful and valid. Why the skepticism? Academic research is fascinating and everyone knows it! The undergrads in my classes hang on to every word when I go on tangents about my doctoral work on the psychology of self-absorption.”

7 Hidden Gems in Dwinelle Hall

Finding a class in Dwinelle Hall is a UC Berkeley rite of passage. According to legend, sibling rivalry caused two architect brothers to split the design of the building and cobble it together later, resulting in the trauma of tens of thousands of freshmen and upperclassmen alike. The following are some hidden gems that may brighten your spirits the next time you’re hopelessly lost in the building!