The new Haas cafe name has quite the ring to it, but it makes you think, is it accurate for being located in the business school?

  1. Cafe Know
  2. Cafe Certain
  3. Cafe Yep I’m Positive
  4. Cafe Definitely, I Ran the Numbers
  5. Cafe Redundant
  6. Cafe Buzzword
  7. Cafe Nobody Cares About Business Degrees After College
  8. Cafe I Think I’m Better Than You
  9. Cafe Vést
  10. Cafe Slidedeck
  11. Cafe Superday
  12. Cafe Business Casual
  13. Cafe Infosession
  14. Cafe Bankr
  15. Cafe I Thought I was Smart in High School but Then Studied Business
  16. Cafe Over Price and Underdeliver
  17. Cafe I Want to Make A Metric Fuck Ton of Money and That’s It
  18. Cafe Color Between the Lines
  19. Cafe Shapes and Colors
  20. Cafe 2+2=4
  21. Cafe Networking
  22. Cafe I Was an Athlete
  23. Cafe I’ll Handle the Business Side
  24. Cafe Are You Interested in Consulting
  25. Cafe I KnOw HoW to uSe PowErPoiNt
  26. Cafe I Got As in Math 16 Series
  27. Cafe No Critical Thinking
  28. Cafe Don’t Think
  29. Cafe Don’t Even Think About Thinking
  30. Cafe Thought
  31. Cafe Thinkaroony
  32. Cafe Thinkadinkadoo
  33. Cafe Remember
  34. Cafe Forget
  35. Cafe Forget to Remember
  36. Cafe Cafe
  37. Cafe Disco
  38. Caffe We Bought Strada

Wow, that’s a lot of new names. 

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