Answer the following question, maximum 350 words:

Describe an example of your leadership experience in which you have positively influenced others, helped resolve disputes or contributed to group efforts over time.

Where to begin? I am free, untethered, uninhibited by this mortal coil and the bounds of acceptable social behaviors. Human consciousness is severely limited. We do not know all that we do not know, and we are perpetually strangled by out-of-touch, culturally elite Hollywood phonies and big government shills trying to control how we think. Sex, The White Album, lysergic acid diethylamide, and of course, complete obedience to my commands, are they keys to transcending these barriers and escaping the fist of the Man.

These are those pearls of wisdom I was able to impart upon my loyal group of followers, my Family, starting approximately three years ago. What started out as a few abject, disenchanted souls looking for a place to belong grew into a glorious family unit dedicated to opening their minds and hearts to me.

I’ve always had a gift for public speaking and interpersonal interaction, but once I realized how easy it was to manipulate the vulnerable, it was cake to amass a following. The members of my family were abrasive individuals when I found them, who often butted heads with each other and with outsiders. But from my first LSD-supplemented sermon, they all realized how petty their material attachments were, and how freeing it felt to just give themselves over to me.

And once they gave themselves over to me, I was able to guide them in their efforts to coexist, to live with and belong to each other and me and us and sexual liberation. I successfully directed their endeavor to build a home for all of us in an all-but-abandoned ranch deep in the San Fernando Valley. Due to my leadership, they were able to fix up the buildings and work out a living agreement with the owner of the property.

However, my greatest achievement as the spiritual patriarch of the Family was how positively I influenced them. Before, none of them cared about community – but I was able to make them put their family, their community, me, above all else, especially above the lives of those that threatened our survival.

Wow. Can’t believe that got someone into all of the UCs, but at least they’ll fit in well at Berkeley. 


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