Reproductive rights have a long and storied history in the judicial system, but a recent visit by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Berkeley’s campus marks an unfortunate turn in the fight to keep abortions legal and accessible. In a rush to make it to Zellerbach Hall by Berkeley time, Justice Ginsburg stepped on one of the three campus seals. 

A source from the UC Berkeley Office of Traditions and Curses recently confirmed that since Justice Ginsburg is not an enrolled Berkeley student, the bad luck from this incident will follow her to the court, endangering the right to an abortion for millions of Americans.  

Campus sophomore Hannah Donaldson, who for years has been a pro-choice activist through instagram stories and water bottle stickers, witnessed the incident firsthand. “It was the most heartbreaking thing to watch,” said Donaldson through tears. “It’s like I put that Planned Parenthood sticker on my laptop last month for nothing.”

Justice Ginsburg could not be reached for comment about whether she will return to campus to right her error by rolling down 4.0 Hill.

Herbert Jones, a representative from the March for Life, expressed stunned delight with Ginsburg’s recent faux-pas. “I just never thought that it would happen this way,” said Jones. “After all of those years of screaming at vulnerable women outside of abortion clinics, threatening doctors, and manipulating the legislative system to take away rights in Southern states, who would have guessed that all it took was a weird Berkeley tradition?”

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