Halloween is here, and you know what that means! Time to find the perfect costume! This year, however, seems a little trickier than others. The air quality has been terrible and you really should be wearing a mask at all times, but how can you look your best while wearing that unsightly thing? Not to fear, here are six ways you can incorporate an N95 mask into your Halloween costume!

1.) Go as Bane. 

This one’s easy, just use the N95 mask as your Bane mask. Perfect!

2.) Use it as your candy bag. 

You can definitely fit a lot of candy in there.

3.) Paint it orange and go as a pumpkin. 

It is already pumpkin-shaped if you think about it.

4.) Cow from Back at the Barnyard

Color that mask pink and use it as your udder.

5.) Use two as a bra for your sexy angel costume. 

That’s hot.

6.) Free the mask. 

Wear nothing but the mask, baby.

Bonus round! Go as Marc Fisher. 

If we all dress up as him, maybe he’ll give us Friday off. 

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