UC Berkeley is a big, scary place. As the school year approaches, many incoming freshmen may be filled with anxieties. Questions like “How am I going to handle in-person classes?” “What if I don’t make friends?” “What do I do with these two gallons of vegetable oil next to my bed?” may plague our new cohorts. We’re here to help calm those specific fears, and no others. Here are our top seven packing do’s and don’ts for incoming freshmen. Go Bears!


Don’t: Worry About Bringing Lots of Dorm Necessities With You

The Shattuck Avenue Target, situated mere blocks from campus, has a wide array of all items available to purchase. It’s located in a convenient spot for your parents’ minivan, and the employees are very friendly and willing to spend lots of time helping you find what you need.

Don’t: Forget A Lanyard

There is absolutely zero chance that this fun, cool, and useful accessory will single you out as any different than anyone else on campus. Also, there is nothing more titillating than swinging this thing around your index and middle fingers when you walk around! The louder and heavier the objects you put on the end of this thing, the better.
Don’t: Hesitate to Pre-invite Friends From High School to Stay In Your Dorm Room With You
Honestly, your roommate will always be fine with it. Likely, your freshman year roommate will end up being your best friend for the rest of your college years! Make sure to introduce old friends to new friends; there’s nothing wrong with integrating the two.


Do: Invest in that Flower Boy Poster

As you go through your freshman orientation, you’ll find that Tyler the Creator fans are few and far between, and won’t volunteer their music taste unprompted at all. While you’re at it, bring along a Blonde poster! Nobody listens to Frank Ocean here, so this poster assortment will be a surefire way to establish a creative dominance on your floor.

Do: Bring A Gallon Or Two of Vegetable Oil

Who doesn’t need this? Definitely worth the space in your bag, and probably more valuable than any of the books you were going to bring so you could pretend to have read them.

Do: Pack that Mini Whiteboard!

Stick it on the outside of your door! You will use it all the time for notes between your hallmates and it won’t be used as a repository for various slurs written by boys on your floor.

Do: Print Out A Bunch of Pictures of Your Hometown Friends

These people will be important to you for the rest of your life! That polaroid of Ashley from the junior year trip to DC should hang above your head when you get railed in your twin bed by a 25-year-old you just met at KA.

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