BERKELEY, Calif. – Various students across campus have reported, particularly when speaking to their class acquaintances while waiting out Berkeley time, that sunny, warm days are now transitioning into cooler, wetter periods. These varying temperatures have also been referred to by some as “the weather.”

“Yeah, it’s like, now it’s cold??” began sophomore Kady Gershwin. “It was so hot the other day, I literally had to wear shorts and a tank top. Then, all of a sudden, this morning it was literally freezing! I’m actually wearing a sweatshirt if you can believe it, it’s just that chilly. What is even going on here!” 

Harold Fitzgerald, who happened to be sitting near Kady in their Intro to Small Talk Studies discussion section, found these observations very relatable.

“No, I know exactly what you mean,” Fitzgerald affirmed. “It was so warm the other day, all of the Otter Pops I was carrying around in my backpack melted by noon. The condensation from the outside of the wrappers made all of my notebooks and school supplies get wet, and the ink on my homework assignment was so smudged my GSI wouldn’t accept it. He was all like, ‘I’m sorry, but this is literally a soaking wet piece of paper. Also why do you have 267 otter pops in your backpack? How is it physically possible to fit 267 Otter Pops in there?’ It was soooo annoying. But you’re right, now it’s colder, which is super random, but really helps with the whole Otter Pop situation.”

Gaea Sunn, an Atmospheric Science major, has been studying meteorology and planetary systems extensively. She provided some more scientific insight on this recent phenomenon.

“Low pressure systems are rainy, high pressure systems are dry. They move around because the Earth rotates. There you go,” she stated. “There’s more details, sure, but that’s really all you need to know to explain this. I mean I get it, there’s only so many surface-level topics we can discuss with people we don’t really know, yet can all connect with. But yeah, it’s just regular weather.”

In other news, fire season is approaching. Fortunately, that is super normal, so no cause for concern.

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